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Dorado Avenue, 38128 ($24,000)

The Dealio Harbor Town House in Raleigh! 3691 Dorado Avenue, Memphis, TN 38128 This particualar house was owned at one time by a gentleman who was doing contract work on homes in harbortown, and many of those homes have nice [...] View More
Weiner Road, 38108 ($24,000)

The Dealio Yep...  it's the "Dog House..." 1441 Weiner Road, Memphis, TN 38108 know we like to name our houses, right? It's just fun. But when we landed a firm wholesale deal on Weiner Rd, for the LIFE of us, we [...] View More
Court, 38134 ($78,000)

The Dealio The Hawk House 3085 Court Street, Bartlett, TN 38134 Ok... yea.. we named another one. This one is the "Hawk House," because... (i) The house can actually spy rodents from miles away and swoops them up before they [...] View More
Chippingham, 38016 ($59,900)

The Dealio The Donut House...  8445 Chippingham Drive, Cordova, TN 38016 You have three guesses as to why we named this one the donut house... (i) There are donuts lying everywhere in the house. (ii) After you buy this great [...] View More
Ford Road, 38109 ($14,900)

The Dealio No strings attached, Age of Ultron house!  3065 Ford Rd. Memphis, 38109 Ultron is totally jealous of this house. Ultron is even more scared of this house than he is of the Avengers. In fact, in a recent [...] View More
Deer Forest, 38115 ($29,900)


The Dealio Deer Forest... Life is Like a Box of Money... 3720 Deer Forest, Memphis, TN 38115 So this house makes us feel like we're composing a letter to Forrest Gump... "Dear Forrest, (Deer Forest)       How is your run across America going? [...] View More
Echles Street, 38111 ($16,500)

The Dealio Meet The Little Green Money Machine...  1670 Echles St. Memphis, TN 38111 So we got this little beaut' from a landlady who's just tired and ready to retire from the game. It's in solid shape and truly needs little-to-no work. Currently rented [...] View More
5347 Fieldcrest Ave, 38134 ($49,000)

Description This one comes with a free mystery animal! This is a phenomenal deal on a fixer right on the edge of Bartlett for only $49K. After-repair value on this one's an easy $85K in our opinion, and the rehab's not [...] View More
2910 Forest Edge Dr, 38002 – Lakeland ($30,000)

Description This one's for the Barbecue lover... Yes, the outside may just look like a regular house, but the inside is char-grilled to perfection. In other words, a total burnout on a lovely Lakeland lot. Our thought is you'll probably just [...] View More
3574 Mayflower – $19,000

Description This is a solid investment property at only $19K OBO. A duplex with one side currently rented to a reliable tenant with a good track record at $350/mo. When the other side is rented, total cash flow is $700/mo. Older property with some deferred maintenance, [...] View More