Weiner Road, 38108 ($24,000)
The Dealio
Yep…  it’s the “Dog House…”

1441 Weiner Road, Memphis, TN 38108

So…you know we like to name our houses, right? It’s just fun. But when we landed a firm wholesale deal on Weiner Rd, for the LIFE of us, we couldn’t think of the right name. Try as we might, nothing would come up. Just kept shooting blanks I tell ya. It was definitely hard.

Finally, after many hours back and forth on it, we settled on the “Dog House.”  I know, with such originality you may be tempted to erect a monument to us…but in the end it was really an easy choice. I mean seriously, what else could you relate “Weiner Road” to besides a dog house???

All that being said… this is a great house for a great deal!

At a wholesale price of $24K, don’t expect this one to last long… The house is in solid condition. The carport’s been converted to a large living space, and you could easily add a closet to make it a 3/1, instead of a 2/1. Huge fenced in back yard (great for a dog!) with a large shed.

Repairs are mostly minor and cosmetic in nature. The water heater is not functioning, but likely be an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing.

Competition on this one could be stiff, so don’t hold back!

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Weiner Dog

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Facts & Details
  • Status: Available
  • Type: Single Family
  • Rooms: 2 bedrooms / 1 bath (easily make it a 3/1)
  • Size: 1000 sqft house, 8,276 sqft lot
  • Built: 1952
Numbers & Terms
  • Cash Price: Only $24,000
  • Rents: $700/mo (Rentometer)
  • Repairs: Cosmetics (this house is in solid shape), water heater is not functioning.
  • Terms: $2,000 earnest money
  • Access: Lockbox. Call James for code.
  • Heat/Air: Central heat, good condition & operational, A/C -window units
  • Water heater: Not operational, could be an easy fix but don’t know.
  • Roof: Good Condition/ 1 layer
  • Plumbing: Good condition, no known issues
  • Electrical: Breaker box, good condition, no known issues
Interested? Questions? Comments? Lawyer Jokes? Call or Text James @ 901-428-9470  |  james@memphishouseguys.com