Deer Forest, 38115 ($29,900)
The Dealio
Deer Forest… Life is Like a Box of Money…

3720 Deer Forest, Memphis, TN 38115

So this house makes us feel like we’re composing a letter to Forrest Gump…

“Dear Forrest, (Deer Forest)
      How is your run across America going? You are my hero! We have a great deal on a townhome right by World Overcomers church. You should seriously check it out before your next trip. It only needs a little work and rents out fast and easy. You and Jenny might even want to live there. Wait, never mind. She only comes home to see you when she’s down and out and needs something. You should really ditch her. There are better girls out there, Forrest. But anyways, this house is a great investment.
            ~James and JP”

For a 2 bedroom (1.5 bath) this one’s spacious and has a great layout. It’s currently vacant, but easily rented for  $750/mo for many years now. You can easily see the repairs needed in the video tour, which includes:

  • a chimney leak, which has come through the second floor ceiling in the bedroom closet
  • the master bathtub/shower needs to be re-tiled.
  • the screened in porch needs a replacement screen
  • basic cosmetics… carpet, paint and whatnot

Bottom line, why it’s sexy: This one’s in a good area, needs light repairs, will rent easily and consistently, and cash flow nicely at this price. Don’t miss the boat (like Lieutenant Dan did).

Have a Look-See
deer forrest

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Facts & Details
  • Status: Available
  • Type: Single Family
  • Rooms: 2 bedrooms / 2.1 bath
  • Size: 1357 sqft house
  • Built: 1986
Numbers & Terms
  • Cash Price: Only $29,900
  • Rents: $750/mo
  • Repairs: Leak in roof at chimney, and resulting water dmg (see pics), general cosmetics
  • Terms: $2,000 earnest money
  • Access: Vacant. Call James for key box code.
  • Heat/Air: Central, gas furnace, good condition & operational, just a few years old
  • Water heater: Electric, good condition & operational, age unknown
  • Roof: Leak at chimney/ 1 layer
  • Plumbing: Good condition, no known issues
  • Electrical: Breaker box, good condition, no known issues
Interested? Questions? Comments? Lawyer Jokes? Call or Text James @ 901-428-9470  |