Court, 38134 ($78,000)
The Dealio
The Hawk House

3085 Court Street, Bartlett, TN 38134

Ok… yea.. we named another one. This one is the “Hawk House,” because…

(i) The house can actually spy rodents from miles away and swoops them up before they know what’s coming

(ii) Hawks regularly do their business on the roof, or…

(iii) The house is conveniently located in a historic Bartlett district near Bartlett High School.

If you guessed the last one, you are right! (Yea… we know… it’s always the last one.)

This is a solid bread and butter brick home with almost 2K square feet right near Bartlett High School. This home is in good shape, and needs mostly cosmetic repairs and a good clean up.

The owner is still living in the house, and will need some of February to secure a new place of residence, but the home will be available for closing by March 1st, possibly earlier.

At only $78K and very minor repairs, you gotta love this one…


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Hawk Court

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Facts & Details
  • Status: Available
  • Type: Single Family
  • Rooms: 3 bedrooms / 2 bath
  • Size: 1933 sqft house, 1/2 acre lot
  • Built: 1970
Numbers & Terms
  • Cash Price: Only $78,000
  • Rents: $1082/mo (Rentometer avg.)
  • Repairs: Cosmetic and updating. (No major repairs needed)
  • Terms: $2,000 earnest money
  • Access: Owner Occupied. Call James to set appt.
  • Heat/Air: Central, good condition & operational, Age unknown
  • Water heater: Good Condition & operational
  • Roof: Good Condition/ 3 layers
  • Plumbing: Good condition, no known issues
  • Electrical: Breaker box, good condition, no known issues
Interested? Questions? Comments? Lawyer Jokes? Call or Text James @ 901-428-9470  |