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The Memphis House Guys

Johnpaul Moses & James Alston
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1. Who We Are?

We are Johnpaul Moses and James Alston.

We have been good friends since right out of high school, and we have always enjoyed working together.

Johnpaul (Jp) is analytical, thorough, and precise. James is motivated, personable, and an action taker.

We grew up here in Memphis, and we love our town!

2. What We do

We wear a few different hats, but primarily, we are wholesalers. What that means, is:

  • we do our market research
  •  we look for properties that are potentials (mostly distressed, REO, corporate owned, and absentee owners)
  • we aquire these properties by getting them under contract between us and the seller at a great price, then
  • assign those contracts to other buyers for a fee that we receive at closing.

Johnpaul Moses


James Alston


Even with our fee, the properties are substantially below market value. We make it very easy for landlord, fix and flip, or turnkey investors to acquire properties without the potentially hefty marketing price tag attached. All you have to do is come check out the properties when we have new ones!

We are not real estate agents, we are principals in each transaction.

If you would like to purchase properties in the Memphis area at substantially discounted rates, then sign up for our email and text list, and we will send you a never ending supply of great deals!

Some Of Our Better Moments

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